How to choose the best lighting for YouTube

The thing we should keep in mind while we are buying the lights for youtube videos

  1. The first thing that comes is the budget
  2. Second thing is that how big area you want to cover
  3. Which device to be used for making the videos like you want to use the camera or your mobile phone

So today I going to explain each and every point regarding the lights especially for the videos for the still I going to tell you for the next time in my blog but for today I going to explain the videos so as I told you that first and the first comes on the budget like the lights are starting from rs 190 and there is no limit of the range like you can say the lights are up to rs 30,000 each and one more important thing is that how you passionate and dedicated to making video and for how long you want to work so we today going to cover all points for the beginner and for the professional.

Let’s start with the beginners you can start with the halogen light that starts from the rs 200 but I prefer to buy a little bit good quality product that is Digiphoto 4 pro rs 250 and for this what you need to buy 1 stand Digiphoto 9 ft rs 550, 1 Digiphoto clamp rs 120, 1 umbrella rs 110, 1 halogen tubers 70 and it can be 500w/1000c so this going to be around rs 1100 for one light complete set and you need to buy the two sets of these light for the proper video shooting that comes the total of rs 2200 all together this is the initial set up of light that you can start with now comes the little higher model of the lighting that is like single holder with led lamp. then another option is two holder with two led lamps and then comes the four holder with soft box and led lamps after this there is option of 5 holder with soft box with led lamps this round about start with rs 1300 the one holder with led lamp and stand 9 ft all things of good quality and then as I told you there is the option of two holder and four holder and then five holder so prices will keep on rising the high end the five holder will cost you round about rs 11000 the complete set of two light with stand, led lamps, soft box, lights and all so we are giving you the exact estimate for the lighting solution after this there is option of lights which are coming with inbuilt led and in this set you are getting the light which is having two color option from 5600k to 3200k now what benefit you are getting in this is color changing option and you can control the light you are having the dimmer option with color changing option this gives you the benefit to enhance your videos and these are reasonable if you planning to make videos for long period of time these light also comes in DigiPhoto a trusted brand in photographic market and for these you most like to spend for round about rs 4500 for each light with stand and soft box after these light NOW start the HIGH END LIGHTING SET UP LIKE GODOX, APUTURE AND MANY MORE BRANDS in these the each light starts from rs 7500 like SL 60 is the basic model and it goes up to 30000 each light most likely these days people prefer to buy the GODOX because it come with in the budget and is along with the warranty of one year and even after the one year you will going to get the service of your product up to five years but only ONE THING SHOULD BE THERE IN GODOX IS THAT THE PRODUCT IS OF GODOX INDIA ONLY otherwise you will not be Entertained by the company you have to do the ONLINE REGISTRATION OF THE SERIAL NUMBER written on the light.

One more important thing is that the device you are using to shoot the videos so if you are using camera then I prefer to buy the light with soft box only and if you choosing the mobile phone then you can use the ring light and with the help of ring light you can do the close up videography for more details I make one more blog in which I going to compare the the light with the merit and demerit so friends please tell us if you need any more help when you buying the light so you can call us, Email us or whats app us so please contact us for further information if any required

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