• Yongnuo YNLUX100 LED Video Light

    Yongnuo YNLUX100 LED Video Light with Bowen Mount and Reflector, Continuous LED Lighting 3200-5600K Bi Color, CRI95+, 12188Lux@1M, 2.4G Wireless Remote Control for Wedding, YouTube Videos

    The compact, lightweight, and portable YNLUX100 Handheld Daylight LED Light Kit from Yongnuo is assembled around a fixture with a 5600K COB LED lamp bead plus a high CRI rating of 95. This bright 100W LED light comes with a 55° reflector and delivers an output of 11,326 lux at 3.3′. It features 9 built-in special effects modes for creative lighting simulations and a sliding knob for quick brightness adjustments. The YNLUX100 is ready for worldwide use thanks to its included power supply, but it can also run on two separately available NP-F batteries when AC power is unavailable. A hand grip with locking battery slots allows for comfortable handheld shooting. The light comes with a Bowens accessory mount, so is compatible with a wide variety of optional soft light modifiers. A portable case is also included for convenient storage and transportation.

  • Yongnuo YN360 II LED Light

    Key Features
    • 320 LEDs with CRI of 95
    • 18.1″ Long Wand Design
    • 40 RGB SMD LEDs for Full Color Mode
    • Color Temperature: 3200-5500K
    With a unique 18.1″ long design, the YN360 II LED Light Wand from Yongnuo will help you create a distinct look as well as operate in tight spaces with relative ease. This model offers a unique ability to switch between either 320 variable color temperature LEDs or 40 RGB SMD LEDs, enabling either a white light mode capable of being set from

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