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DS Series Flash is a small and lightweight strobe. With Bowens-style mount, it can add almost any studio flash accessories on the flash head. Using an optional remote control FT-16, you can wirelessly adjust the power level, turn the modeling lamp and buzzer sound on or off, and trigger the flash. Suitable for e-commerce product photography, headshots and lifestyle photography. In large studio shooting, it can function as high light, background light or hair light. features Godox Wireless 2.4G Wireless X System -Quick output on LCD panel, 50 steps from 1/32 to 1/1 (or 5,0-10,0) in -0.1 increments - High quality modeling lamp, 150 W output and 5% to 100% Manual light adjustment -Extra output stability, a tolerance of 2% on the same output - Anti-preflash function, allowing synchronization with cameras with a single preflash trigger system -Adjusted parameters intelligently remembered after 3 s and recovered automatically after a restart - Wireless control of the flash power ratio, the ignition of the modeling lamp and the bell, as well as shooting flash with Godox Xpro, X1, XT32 or FT-16 flash trigger - Compact and light body with compatible Bowens support - Abundant functions, easy operation and great compatibility Specifications -Mark: Godox -Model: DS400II -Maximum power: 400WS -Guide No. (m ISO 100): 76 -Temperature Temperature: Operating voltage: AC200-240 V / 50Hz Power output control: off, 5.0-10.0 (1 / 32-1 / 1) -Modeling lamp: Adjustable adjustable 150 W -Recycling time: in 1.5 S -Shooting method: Sync cable, test button, slave trigger, wireless control port -Flash duration 1/2000 s-1/800 s -Parameter output of the synchronization cable jack: 5 V -Fuse: 5A -Dimensions: 37 cm x 11.7 cm x 18.2 cm Net weight: 1.8 kg Package includes:- 2 x DS400II Studio Light, 1 x Trigger XT16, 2 x Softbox (60x90cm), 2 x Standard Reflector, 2 x Power Cord, 2 x Lamp Cover, 2 x Modeling Lamp, 2 x Flash Tube, 2 x User Manual, 1 x Carry Bag



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Godox DS400II Studio Kit


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